A trucking company?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Like learning how to ride a bicycle, the loneliness was terrifying. Once on the monstrous vehicle, 8year old Matilda felt a good 5feet above the ground. Her third wheel? A random teenager from the crowd of spectators voluntarily holding onto the rear. With a single instruction not to look behind, but to keep her eye on the ball, the bicycle was given a push. A minute, maybe, of cycling and the motion was exhilarating! Fortunately, or unfortunately, being Matilda, she couldn't help but share her excitement and looked behind anyways. The crowd was far off, fear quickly replaced excitement, she faltered and fell.

Back then, the only injuries she sustained were small cuts and bruises. Perhaps Ms. Honey was hoping she'd break a leg at this summer's job. A trucking company? surely she could do better than counting shipments off a screen. Dissecting and stitching bodies at the Livingston general hospital? or perhaps writing creative articles for the 'Little League' newspaper? Either of which could be done from home. Why? Oh why? did she have to travel to the God forsaken town of Bethel to work? Sitting on a wooden bench under the thick canopy of a tall tree, Matilda took refuge from the November heat as she moped. Any minute now and they'd call her into the one storey building for her interview. Belatedly, she took out her notebook from the brown purse on her lap to recap. 'Expedient' was a new company in the old town of Bethel, thanks to the recent discovery of gold; new, but growing quickly. In under two years, the company's fleet had grown to a hundred trucks, that were moving goods within 'The Towers' and across the region. Which was quite impressive given it's owner, a Mr. Paul Mhettle, started the company with a single truck off the coast of 'Axis '. Matilda looked up from her notes to study the cartooned yellow truck drawn above the building's entrance, with the words 'EXPEDIENT' inscribed across it. Unbidden tears came to her eyes as she recalled the local baker with his yellow rust bucket delivering bread each morning. How could Ms. Honey send her away? Had she done something wrong??

Before her tears could fall, the tint, glass doors at the entrance slid open to reveal a short, buxom woman who signalled for Matilda to approach. With clumsy hands, she shoved the notebook back in the purse; unceremoniously, rose from the bench and ran towards her host. "Good afternoon", she chirped and offered her right hand for a greeting, "my name is Matilda Wormwood and I'm here to interview as a bookkeeper". The woman ignored Matilda's hand, turned on her high heels and instructed, "come in". That was rude! Matilda thought but dropped her arm. Obediently, she followed the woman into the building, and was led to a seat opposite a white, semi-partition a few feat across the front wall. "Someone will be with you shortly", the uncouth host informed Matilda before walking away. Confused, Matilda crinkled her face as she watched the woman disappear behind the make shift wall. Was that normal here? If so, chances she'd 'break a leg' were definitely high. While she was waiting for a new, and hopefully courteous attendant, Matilda saw what appeared to be a white chameleon, on the centre of the partition, slowly moving to the right. No way! and awesome! did they allow pets in this office? Just as sudden as the chameleon appeared, a small, middle aged man leaned over the partition from the other side and smiled at her, "Hello. My name is Paul Mhettle", he spoke softly. "I'm told you are our new bookkeeper. Come round and I'll show you to your desk."

Episode's podcast: https://anchor.fm/malama7/episodes/A-trucking-company-e152ju2

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