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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Post getting sacked, sorry....post resigning (that sounds better, no?), I've noticed a significant spike in the number of visitors to the site, as well as the number of blog post views. Some from as near and familiar as Solwezi, Zambia to as far and unfamiliar as Babati, Tanzania. Zikomo Kwambili and Sawa Sana to all who've taken the time and interest to check out the site. Please also subscribe, it helps me a lot!

I've also decided to use the cash from my last paycheck as down payment to a university (yet to be decided) for my Masters; subsequent payments will be funded by either this website or family coffers (which ever is accommodating). As for the blog, it will now be dedicated to the sharing of short stories; their merits (i.e. whether true or fiction) will be a mystery for readers to decipher. And to commemorate this shift, I've drafted a story below for which this blog post is titled. Hope you enjoy it.

AJ was not a particularly loquacious person, but as she sat amidst feasting campers that day, she fought back a barrage of 'choice words' she wanted to yell at everyone; the organizers as well as the fat glistening, sauce stained faces of the kids stuffing their faces round the table. Lunch break was almost over as she looked down, past the moisture in her eyes, at the empty table top in front of her. She was the exception yet again; all the kids had received their lunch; everyone but her and she was starving. Common decency, or perhaps mama's ingrained lessons, kept her from reaching her neighbors for some food. Suddenly she felt a small tap on her right shoulder and looked over to find a petite Muslim girl holding out a half sandwich neatly wrapped in saran. A small smile dispelled the tears. "Here, I have something for you", the girl said gesturing to the sandwich. "No, it's alright. Thanks, but I can't take it", AJ declined, much to her stomach's protest. The Muslim girl insisted, "It's alright. It's not too spicy. I made it myself". Lessons beaten into her at a young age still wouldn't allow AJ to accept the snack, "No really, I can't take it". "Please. I have another one in my back pack for myself", came the sweet girl and AJ relented; it was an act of pure kindness and she was sure to look like an ass if she didn't take the offer. With one last thank you, she accepted the meal, unwrapped it and took a bite. The tears quickly came back; it was delicious.

That meeting was AJ's first encounter with Wisdom; through a kind girl who saw her plight and made all effort to alleviate it. The girl's name was Soukaina. True to her name, Soukaina was an oasis of calm among rowdy campers. Whenever AJ sought her, she found Soukaina sitting on her own reading or meditating; Soukaina was privileged with wealth yet graceful; she was incredibly smart (the best in her class); she was also pretty (10 out of 10, as they say). She was glorious to behold.

AJ's next encounter with wisdom was 3 days later with a strange couple. She was just leaving her dormitory when a man, with a woman on his right arm, approached her. They needed directions to the outer gates of the camp the man informed AJ, all the while his companion looked about them as if searching for something. " Sure, I'm terrible at giving directions so I'll walk you to the gates". As the trio commenced their travel, AJ and the man fell into simple banter (you know, talk about the weather, butterflies, and the spirit portal....that sort of chit chat) while the woman listened on; her attentive and submissive demeanor made AJ wonder at her. Unlike the stranger, AJ was often a carefree chatter box when with her current beau, MJ. Finally they came to a popular stream they had to cross to get to the gateway; a triangular shaped platform immaculately paved with red bricks. To the right of the triangle was the the treasurer's office signifying kingship; the organizers' office to the left signifying mortality, and a chapel before, yet along, the stream to represent GOD. Typical of AJ's father, he'd chosen a Christian boot camp to instill discipline in his only daughter. The usually turbulent creek was still as they crossed; no waves hurling at them as they made their way over the stream's black and white bridge. Strange, the body of water was infamous for being unpredictable and travelers always exercised caution when crossing. Finally onto the gateway, within pointing distance of the gates and AJ stopped, intending to bid the strangers good tidings and farewell. The pair turned to face her and suddenly she noticed something odd about the man; his eyes were white, as if empty or blank. Weird; she was sure she'd have noticed something so eerie when they first met. Curious; she asked the man " are you okay? can you see me?" "Yeah" , was the man's response after a not so subtle tremor. Amazed; she leaned in, bending down a little to take a closer look at the man's eyes and echoed, "clearly?" "Yes", retorted the man. Liar; she thought and straightened to look at the woman for clarity. The once attentive listener was now staring at her with a smirk on her face. Interesting; she looked between the pair once more as understanding dawned. On the surface, at least, the eyes of the pair was the woman and the man was blind. Not one to pry, she kept up the ruse, returned her attention to the man and pointed to a place beyond his left shoulder, "those are the gates to the camp., they are usually guarded by two hounds on the outside; the animals are friendly unless agitated, so be careful." She said goodbye to the strangers, turned on her heels and went back by the way they came.

AJ's walk with the blind man was nothing short of uncanny; to understand the encounter, she sought answers from MJ, who brushed off the meeting as nothing special but mere happenstance. "Don't think too much about it. Forget it", he wrote in his latest post. But AJ's curiosity was not sated and so she looked to King Solomon's records on Wisdom. According to the famed ruler, he described Wisdom as a loving spirit. He also spoke of it in a feminine context, writing...."she is kind to man, ready to do good and glorious; Wisdom goes about seeking those that are worthy of her; she is easily seen by those who love her, and found by such as seek her; they find her sitting at their doors". Perhaps AJ's encounters with wisdom were pointing her to a treasure she was yet to discover, just as they did King Solomon.

Done. That was a sample and I hope you found it at least interesting, informative or entertaining. The next story will be about two hounds and a pussy.....a pussy cat that is. Blessings All!

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