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Updated: Aug 8, 2021

This coming week my nation heads to the polls to elect a new leader, just as most schools/ universities (such as mine) reopen. But being in a pandemic afflicted world #Covid19, almost everything has been automated. Virtual registration, requests, transactions, classes, you name it! Which is kind of a bummer given I'm pushing 30, still living with mama, and was dreaming of sweet, sweet independence by moving into a boarding house.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. If most, or perhaps some, of my readers will recall; when I got back to the big city, I found new developments (see picture below).

Well...I 'crossed' that bridge (was looking for a new home), and I found a sentimental piece of my childhood....a 'Trinity boarding house', or what I'm calling 'Colby's clubhouse' (pictures also below). Run by the American network, TBN, the boarding house is situated along Danny Pule road and next to the Energy Regulation Board. Depending on the post election world and it's reforms......and by reforms I'm hoping less Covid restrictions, I may move in to the clubhouse. It's positively picturesque!! Lol....and prices are fair, for as low as ZK900.00 or as high as ZK1,300.00, a person could rent a bed space there.

I hope you, my readers, do check out Colby's clubhouse, and if circumstances allow, y'all might just be neighbors with Lusaka's Mallguides blogger.

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