Benched!......Mr. Injustice part 2

One of my readers recently remarked on how I appear to use my work as an escape; when hurt or troubled I bury myself in work to forget or deal. Recently though, that option was effectively taken from me.

If you recall in a previous blog, I introduced to you an infamous character nicknamed 'Mr. Injustice'. I wrote of how he'd stripped me of my authority and my work (well most of it) and I'd been benched; In response I'd sued him (i.e. within company limits) for being a wanton 'despot'. I cried out, and the father of the organization style!! I'd presented before the company a prototypical 'she said, he said' case; and to unearth the truth, they set out a series of (and if I'm being honest, impressive) tests, initiated by the unannounced arrival of the organization's Head of Operation (HoO) to our little office. I was surprised by our HoO's arrival a mere day after I'd filed suit; just as I imagine he was surprised to find me sitting (amidst standing colleagues) with my back to that morning meeting's chair, firmly set on my laptop with little to no heed on the happenings around me. To say the least, I was in full blown protest against Mr. Injustice and his minions!

About a fortnight has elapsed since the tests started; there've been highs and lows; the most prominent event for me being the sending away of Mr. Injustice. It was a relief to be free from the presence of a bully, even if for a week. During that time, the little work I'd been spared was uninhibited and it flourished. Even as a child, fulfilling tasks was always a favorite pastime; as I grew, work became less of a pastime and more of my identity. The bible tells us..."Glorious are the fruits of good labors" ; in my own way, and perhaps through this trial, I hope to demonstrate the truth of that script.

All the while, the jury's still out and verdict hangs in the balance; I've found myself with little to do and more time to reflect (it's killing me). At Alistair Logistics, I found work that compliments my skills and is in abundance. I love how fast paced the industry is, and have grown to care for the work; unfortunately, my growth has been stifled by the persecutions of a senior. I know not what the outcome will be, but throughout the ordeal, I've been true to myself and couldn't be prouder.

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