Updated: Oct 15, 2021

There was a time when my blog drew a ton of attention....if you guessed or figured that time was shortly after I got fired, you're spot on! These days, I can practically 'hear crickets in the background' each time I visit my little website. Where did all the love go? If I could get fired everyday, I would. But as reality would have it.....I cannot. Which brings me to the purpose of this blog.

Being unemployed has meant that I have more time to q-tip, pick my nose, clean my nails, and scrub off that itch between my toes (sure you've picked up on the subtle cues by now....I'm lonely, and slightly bored). Which explains the new gaping notice at the very top of the site. But in case you missed it (you know.....cause you've been M.I.A), here's the good news.

To thank you for your time and attention, you can now subscribe to access my memoir, 'Matilda's Ms Honey', and also get a free e-copy of chapter 1

Awesome! right? Well I think so. Been saying as much on social media using cute little post its, shown below, and technically known as 'blurbs'.

So please spare some time; pay me a visit and subscribe; making your mallguides blogger less lonely and merrier!!

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