Catch 22 situation......?

As great as having honed in on what I want to do is (you know......for a business), I'm in a catch 22 my mommy, Liz Jansen, would put it.

Sound business logic states I need to rally support for my business/ brand before I open shop. So that there are businesses willing to back me when I start selling my service. Which is great, cause I have more than enough time to market Flossie CnF Agency (that's what I'm calling my company....colloquially, lol); and I can only get my license as a customs agent from the Zambian Revenue Authority in September of next year. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to market a service you are yet to offer. And then there's the question of money for my day to day needs.

Short of selling my body on the streets of Lusaka, I've decided to hone in on my trading and negotiating skills. From selling old curtains at a crafts market, to having yard sales and now making and selling hair products. I tell you, I feel like a 13 year old with my very first lemonade stand approaching everyone to buy from me.

It's nothing short of an adventure!!! And besides.....what's a customs agent to do in a catch 22 situation?

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