Change like seasons

One of my favorite artists famously sang...."the only constant is change". Wise words given where I am this summer day in Sub Saharan Africa.

It's been poring cats and dogs all day. And this day, I'm emerging as a business owner. Not yet making money, still at the set up and raise funds stage of entrepreneurship, I suppose. But things have definitely changed. A year ago I was terrified of being on the streets without a 9-5. Now, I'm brave enough to create work for myself. I get up each Monday to Friday with my own crafted agenda and it's good enough. I'm on the hook and could get it wrong........which is okay; I only have the rest of my life to figure things out as the owner of a clearing and forwarding company.

To my readers, keep working and chasing your dreams. In time, as seasons pass and change happens, your collected efforts will yield fruit; this is a surety of life!

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