Davonia; the corner store

One of the things I'm really good at is work; be it at a 9-5 or school I've always been that girl who excels. Very modest of me, I know! But when work becomes your best friend; that one gal pal who won't begrudge you your successes but cheers you on at each turn, you can't help but fall in love. At Alistair Logistics I met some down to earth people (Liz, Alistair, John L, Anna Joyce) who saw that about me and we clicked. Last week I reapplied to join the company and was turned down.....it hurt (my mocking jays would concur; they were in an uproar on Monday when I got the news). Three days down the line and I'm back to dreaming about writing, I'm reading more of Seth Godin's blogs, and Ms. Honey is still sending me kisses as we talk. So if it's not document/ admin controlling for Alistair Logistics, it's school and writing.....as much I can, when I can as Ms. Honey advised! Lol..

I should be sad about or angry with Alistair James and company, but in hindsight their love is too obvious to ignore. Although good at my job, in the end I was unhappy there. Leaving to pursue my studies and develop a new craft through writing has brought back joy in my life!!! And speaking of things that give me joy, this week I thought to share with my readers one of my favorite stores in the city of Lusaka, a Davonia Food Vend (pictures below).

Situated in the heart of Lusaka's Longacres area, the store is a landmark of mine; when I return home, I take comfort in eating there. They serve some of the best shawarmas in town (in my opinion anyways). For just ZK40.00, I can afford a healthy sized, creamy (garlic sauce creamy, that is) chicken wrap with some Fanta sweetness to wash down all that goodness!! No, seriously....they serve fresh food and have been in business for years. Their manager, a young and handsome Mr. Shaddy Mwale, was gracious enough to let me take pictures of and write about his restaurant.

If ever you happen to be in Longacres, try out the corner store, it's inexpensive and I guarantee you'll get your money's worth. I'll be frequenting the food vend in the coming months as I make my way to and from school. Who knows, we could meet by Davonia and make a real connection.....

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