Dear Ms. Luther

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Dear Ms. Luther,

Don't be angry with or threatened by me, but I have this compelling need to write to you about a man we have in common; you as his chosen bride and I as his girlfriend.

When I first met John, I had a broken heart; was still missing my late father. Somehow, John caught my eye/ attention. It was inevitable, I suppose; he's too big not to get noticed. Tall, 6 feet 2 inches I think, with some meet on his bones; he has muscles that present themselves as broad shoulders and strong arms; arms that can keep a girl warm in these winter months. That's what I imagine anyways, never had such a moment with him. If you are with John today, tomorrow, next week, the coming month, year, for eternity even, I need to ask something of you. Please take care of him, He often remarked on how he wanted to be nursed; pretty sure that was some sexual innuendo, or perhaps I'm simply projecting my perversions. Anyways, just as I imagine he hugs you to warmth, I hope you've made a warm home for him to rest in. The logistics business can be quite demanding at times; it takes a physical, mental, and occasionally emotional toll on it's servants. Don't argue with him, he and I did that a lot and it obviously drove us apart. I imagine you are soft spoken and a sweetheart, so conversations with you hold no bitterness. On days when he returns home weary, if it's not asking too much, take his shoes off and wash his feet; that's a privilege I will never know. John likes to move around; the entire time I knew him he paced around a lot while working. I should envy you; but as I write this post I realize I want something more; for him to be loved.

A few days ago I saw the makings of a cross in the night sky. 5 stars, 2 in a straight line and the remaining 3 in a triangle/ pyramid shape; the triangle's crown was aligned with the 2 stars. Add another 2 stars to the 5, one at the beginning of the straight line and the other after the triangle, and you'd have an actual cross (albeit crooked along the intersection). Something like the flower pot arrangement shown in the pictures below. Coincidentally, 'the cathedral of the child Jesus' (a church next to the Patents and Companies Registration Agency/ PACRA) put up the exhibition last week. If I could describe my relationship with John, crucified (as in Jesus Christ, crucified) would sum it up. From the onset to it's sad end, it was plagued by all manner of obstacles; some too heartbreaking to recall. I pray yours is different, peaceful with no hindrances.

On a lighter note, today I kind of scored big; was accepted at the University of Lusaka to study my masters, and I secured a business name with PACRA. For the next few months, I will be rebranding this website from to Regulation and public decency require that I not use a term as derogatory as 'crazy' to describe my business.

Before I met John, I had a virtuous man who loved and cherished me; his love was sure yet I fell out of love with him. He was my angel and John was supposed to be my baby blue, but John got away. I have a giant child shaped hole in my little heart and I plan on sealing it up with my business. I've always loved my work; was raised that way by dad (a hardworking and disciplined man). So while I nurse the wound left by John's departure from/ absence in my life, I'm asking (trusting even) that you'll nurse John Luther as he deserves, and he wants for nothing.


Crazyguide blogger

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