Dear Old Dad....

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

So the verdict's in and my nation has a new leader!! If I were a pyromaniac (or is it pyrotechnic?), the night skies would be glittering, sparkling, blazing and what not, every so often. If I were! Lol

To say the least, I'm one of the happy Zambians out there. That said, I can only imagine the responsibility and task (you know......of righting the nation's affairs, if any) the current regime has. Saw a few articles this week on the nation's debt levels and the need for yet another loan, but I don't know the actual truth of the matter; as the adage goes.....'heavy is the head that wears the crown'. Either way, I'm glad someone has taken up the mantle and is willing to care for a people.

After the death of my own father (shown in picture above) I was quick to pass on his responsibility to someone else. I thought a man out there could be willing (i.e. without force, manipulation, guilt or any form of coersion) to love, provide and protect me as my old man had. The past few years have shown me otherwise. In April I started this blog with a lot of conviction that I'd finally found a home; I was weary after failing to establish one from a 7year long relationship, and thought finally, finally, I could rest my head and be at complete peace. Little girls never stop dreaming of home, you see. But I lost that battle too.....for a time, my struggle grew messy (see blog post series Mr Injustice and Modern day Adam and Eve, if interested).

I'm back with family (mom and brothers) again,and we are still living off of my father's hard work. I suppose I'm back to where it all started, and where it all went wrong! Last night I had to cry myself to sleep after missing him (you terribly! ABBA FATHER, JAH JAH!!.....have mercy upon your children, and correct or guide us when we stray. I'm afraid I was running away from reality. A new job, a new man, another four walled cave, and I still couldn't replace dad! So I prayed a little last night, and asked GOD to re-unite father and daughter. Not sure when the grand daddy of all daddies will grant my wish, but I know I'll see my father again, one day!

It's a blessing, one we often take for granted, to have a provider, a protector and guide. So like me, I hope my fellow county men and women come to appreciate our new leader......if he is truly a papa. After all, we are a GOD fearing nation!

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