Enter the class jock.....

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Someone was in the corner seat of the office, and it wasn't Draco. Carefully hunched over his screen to avoid attention, Matilda couldn't make out the stranger's face. Not one to pry, she let her curiosity slide and took her seat instead. She'd come in a good thirty minutes before the day started at 07:00AM for good reason; to get a head start on her emails.

She'd just turned on her laptop when the pool bus arrived, delivering the first batch of 'Expedians' to the office. Amanda was among the new arrivals and she was adorned in one of her best outfits; a straight, black and synthetic weave, the company's safari green shirt, pitch black skinny jeans (well, as skinny as a buxom woman can get), and matching high, ankle length boots. Without so much as giving her seat a customary warm up (let alone saying good morning to Matilda), Amanda dropped her bag pack and sauntered to the stranger's desk. "Jeremy", Matilda learnt his name, "It's been a minute", she heard Amanda speak sweetly just before leaning down for a hug. The stranger didn't say much but mumbled something Matilda (yet again) couldn't quite make out, as he rose slightly to encircle Ms. Garvitt. He was a big fella, Matilda noticed, and his embrace with Amanda stirred as much curiosity with her, as it did everyone else around the pair. Who was this new man? And how was he acquainted with Amanda? Draco helped clear the air a little as soon as he arrived. With excitement and merriment, he welcomed the stranger over some friendly banter; apparently unfazed by the fact that he had just been uprooted him from the corner seat and its prestige.

At 07:00AM sharp, the day commenced with the traditional stand up meeting. Everyone rose to their feet and faced the office front, where Paul was already stationed behind the partition. Without Jeff, and by unfortunate default, Draco was the new chair of the meetings. As the assembly waited for him to address it, he (in kind) waited for the new comer to walk up to the front. Matilda could have sworn she heard a pin drop as the so called 'Jeremy' walked past her. Jesus! He was tall!! At least a good foot taller than everyone in the office.

Once in front and next to Draco, the tall new comer turned to face the mass, and Matilda understood Amanda's greeting. "Morning everyone," came Draco. "Mor-or-mor-ning" were the few hit-and-miss responses from those brave enough to answer after a few hesitant seconds. Matilda opted for silence, like most, leaving Draco with little option than to tackle the elephant in the room immediately. " We are joined by Jeremy Wilde this morning. He's travelled all the way from Axis and will be replacing Jeff". Looking over his left shoulder, Draco nodded his head slightly in acknowledgment of his new boss, "welcome Jeremy". With a slight smirk and in a deep voice, the new man affirmed, 'thank you'.

Niceties done and her curiosity finally sated, Matilda closely surveyed Jeremy Wilde. He wasn't only tall, he was a young and very handsome man. His appeal made women like Amanda Garvitt lunge at him for pole position in 'the race' for his affection; and men like Draco Hide envy him in secret!

Episode's podcast: https://anchor.fm/malama7/episodes/Enter-the-class-jock-e18rqok

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