Flirt a little more

Life at Expedient was constantly changing. People left as quickly as they came, whether willingly or not. Delegating her work was going to expose Matilda to the likelihood of getting sacked, especially cause Gabby had a lot of contempt for her.

"Hi Gabby. Did you manage to generate the IXM manifests like I asked?"

"No. Not yet".

"Well it's really urgent", Matilda stressed. "If you're having trouble, please let me know," she added.

"Then go ahead and do the work yourself," came Gabby with a dismissive flick of her hand.

Ouch! So much for trying to be a supervisor. But Matilda humbly took up the work and submitted the documents to one of the company's biggest clients. But she was not quick enough because IXM came back with a complaint.

"The agreement was for the manifests to be submitted within 24hours of being requested. Has that changed?" they scolded.

Matilda sent out an email apologizing, taking the wrap for the mishap. It was part and parcel of being a leader, she supposed. But the failure wasn't easy to swallow. How was she supposed to work with someone who was neglectful? Her life would be so much simpler if she was working alone, she pondered as she sat at her desk during lunch. She also noticed Jeremy hovering around her station. Once again, his presence was comforting. At one point, he sat next to her desk speaking to a colleague at the next station. His warmth was so palpable she was tempted to lean into him. That was the strange thing about flirting with Jeremy. As much as he annoyed her, she couldn't deny being drawn to him. And the more she tried to avoid him, the more he came after her.

Over the weekend, Jeremy was at the inn to take Draco to a popular market place. Draco called her to ask if she wanted to tag along.

"No thanks", she declined. "I spent most of my money yesterday shopping".

Which was true but also a convenient excuse not to spend time with Jeremy. On Monday morning as she was entering the building, she found him seated at his desk, facing the entrance with a pleading look on his face. Matilda smiled inwardly to herself. He looked nothing short of adorable. She walked past him, without a word, regardless. The wheels in her mind were turning, however, and she decided to go back to the return desk. She saw no point in sitting next to a haughty assistant and Jeremy was clearly sorry for having fought with her. And if she was being honest with herself, she missed sitting next to him on the dais.

Tuesday afternoon she was back at the return desk and the two were back to dancing around each other.

"Do you miss me?" he'd always ask.

"No" she'd deny, even when they both knew it was a lie.

But their flirting came to an abrupt end on Wednesday morning with the arrival of Paul in the office. His arrival was unexpected, for Matilda at least, and it set everyone on high alert. It also left little room for her and Jeremy to flirt a little more.

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