Florida!......new agency, new company.

Where to begin.......oh yes, the last time I blogged. Soft skills, was it? Yes dear reader, the last time I blogged I raved on and on about wanting to harness soft skills.

Would you believe I actually got the chance to do as much?; i.e. work with a few former colleagues from Alistair and apply these nice soft skills. And it was quite lovely for a minute or two. I was working for a clearing agency called DFS Group, at the time; it's owner had been gracious enough to offer me an admin position in the company. After getting fired from a job I'd loved, this was some reprieve. Some what. Three month's into the job and I was invoked in spirit to quit my job and travel! Anywhere at the time would have sufficed. Well, I found myself on the streets of Harare, with no cash and a hellova story to tell.

Another month down the line and I'm back home with a vision to fulfil. So dear reader, please allow me to introduce to you Florida C&F Agency. My very own clearing and forwarding agency. Still at it's inception, but I've finally decided to make my master's education practical and start up a company. This is my new S-Curve in my career. I'm leaping from document specialist to agency owner. I fell in with logistics and clearing while at Alistair logistics. And if this passion is true, It will spur me on my entrepreneurial journey so that I'm once again back to sending out a ton of pre-alerts at the speed of lightening! lol.....or something similar. Maybe building successful relationships with new trade partners across borders!

Happy Saturday ya'll!

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