Good riddance!!

"So tomorrow's my last day here", Amanda leaned round her computer and said to Matilda.

Frozen to a stupor, Matilda blinked once, then twice, and mentally kicked herself to think of something kind to say.

"Oh. It's always sad to see someone leave. I wish you all the best", Matilda managed after a brief pause. Amanda was subdued that Thursday morning and unusually cordial. As she returned her attention to her screen and away from Matilda, Matilda let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. Good riddance!! Amanda had been a tyrant and Matilda was relieved to be free from her influence.

As the day went on, the mood in the office settled into an unusually chirpy atmosphere. For Matilda at least. You'd think the wolf pack would spare one of their own, but no kindness came Amanda's way that Thursday. Amanda's friends, even close ally Lilith, actively avoided her. When she walked by, they snickered and laughed. She'd fallen from grace and the office staff was not shy of kicking her while down. During lunch break, Matilda spied Amanda standing on her own in the cafeteria, an unusual sight. It was akin to watching the head cheer leader in high school eat alone. Matilda felt a little sad for her former supervisor, but stayed away. She'd been hurt a little too much by Amanda, and was wary of her.

On Friday morning, Matilda chose to move to a new station, preempting her coming freedom. But Friday was not the last time she saw Amanda. Saturday came, and so did Amanda to the office, and accompanying her was an internal memo advertising her position. Amused, Matilda couldn't help but join the other staff members as they laughed. Why was Amanda back in office? And why had she lied? She was clearly embarrassed by the situation. She sat at her desk all day, lowered over her computer screen and spoke to no one.

In as much as Amanda's leaving was harsh, it was a welcome relief to Matilda. She didn't have to dread any more mock trials where Amanda stared daggers at her. She also didn't have to deal with Amanda's malicious gossip! Good riddance indeed!!

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