Growing pains

Apparently, life doesn't get any easier, we simply get tougher!

This morning as I was quietly scrolling through social media, LinkedIn (I try to tip toe on the network these's the professional thing to do. Lol), I noticed a former employee of Alistair Logistics (Alistair) has since started his own trucking company. To say the least, it's a wake up call!!

When I lost my job at Alistair, I was mostly angry. A few months down the line of some much needed reflection, as well as a bit of self pitying (well, a lot of self pitying), and the hurt seeped in. At the end of the day, I'd worked and loved hard at Alistair. Thanks to the company, I found a career that excited and gave me joy. So to loose that was heartbreaking.

In the past year, it's been hard for me to look past Alistair. So to see someone else grow from their experience at the company and start something of their own, shows that the passion for Logistics Alistair instills in people can manifest itself elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, I still hurt. But that's just my heart expanding. Where I failed to love and forgive, I will in the future.

So here's to growing any of my readers, I wish you nothing but maturity and success!!

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