HAIR; a woman's glory!

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

1st Corinthians ch 11 vs 5-7 "But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head (i.e. her husband) .......the woman is the glory of the man".

For as long as I can recall, during Sunday prayers and worship I had to cover more than shins, but hair too, as a sign of respect and subservience to both my father and GOD. Back then, I didn't have much hair or glory to attribute to them; but in my early twenties, this changed thanks to a beautiful Muslim girl whose glory I spied as we shared a public bathroom. Watching her wrap long, silky hair round her head before concealing it under a turban, inspired me to grow my own hair. I am not a Muslim, but a good example is still a good one and is worth emulating; I LOVE the principle of preserving one's body and beauty for a single man! Which brings me round to Adam (i.e. Mr. John Luther); technically we're not bound in flesh, but I am still committed to him in spirit. And until such a time that he 'humbles me', I am unable to attribute my glory/ beauty to any other man. It's taken me close to 5 years to grow my hair to it's current glory and this week I thought to share a few of my hair secrets....for any women out there who concur with my beliefs, or simply want to slay with that natural hair! lol..

In the picture below are the essential (note essential and not ALL) products I use, as well as a YouTube link giving guidance on how to grow natural African hair. I personally get my products from pharmaceuticals and supermarkets round Lusaka; i.e. Lusaka pharmacy off cairo road, Pharmacy Direct and Vivom Investments in Longacres. Now.....before you cringe at the prices, I'll have you know that the Zambian economy is currently NOT at it's best; a dollar $ is equivalent to c.ZK23 vs c.ZK11 a mere year ago! Making shipping of these hair products quite pricy. These days, I'm shopping mostly from Vivom Investments; their pricing is fair (all things considered), the store is conveniently located near school/ home and they're offering more brands than before. In the picture we have 'cantu' products on the left and 'creme of nature' to your right. I work on a budget (i.e. I'm cheap), but will admit to prefering 'creme of nature' products (regardless of price) to alternatives...they smell real nice and are of better quality!!

Natural Neiicey on 10 tips to growing hair:

Basically and in summary, we black women need Moisture to grow our hair. Hair is like a plant that needs to be watered/moisturized frequently. When dry, it becomes brittle and breaks off. To prevent this and retain length, hair strands need all the moisture they can get (e.g. washing hair weekly; interchangeably using sulphate free shampoos and conditioners to do so; deep conditioning hair after washing it; and using leave in conditioners when styling). Youtube has a wealth of knowledge on the specifics to growing natural African hair. I hope you (my readers) are curious or passionate enough to search for and watch these videos.

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