On Leave; Extra Time on my hands.....time to grab a book?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

# school's out!

Trying to recall and best describe to you my first professional job. I'll start with the interview process.

A few months after University finals, I was enlisted (and while I'm saying this....I can't help but think of army enlistments) to interview for a graduate trainee program at PricewaterhouseCoopers. It was time to put all that cramming and regurgitating of knowledge to 'practical' use. And like clockwork, the initial stage of a 3 part recruitment process was a quiz.....to my horror! It dawned on me that my not so passionate affair with accounting had not ended, but merely begun. Interviews done, and I was among those selected to join the firm......to my family's glee! My dear father (being the intellect that he was) went so far as to buy a variety of accounting texts; books, brochures, pamphlets, and stopped shy of newspapers, for me to cram some more in readiness for the new job!

#the beginning

For as long as I can recall, books or some sort of literature have always been a part of my school breaks or holidays; unconsciously, and over time, they became loyal friends. I'm no longer with the audit firm, but am serving for a logistics company as the prime caretaker of its fleet documentation. If you pay close attention, books always have a theme or code to be discovered, making their reading fun (that's been my experience anyways. By the way, I have a lot of friends that I hang out with on Friday nights and what not). As I write this post, I'm on leave with only Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' on hand (and before you go on thinking I'm a pretentious bookworm.......that was the cheapest book I found on the shelves the last time I was at the bookstore).

Being avid readers yourselves (...you have to be if you're looking at this piece), you should have more interesting books on your shelves than I. So please feel free to tell on your favorite books and their virtue. Remember, knowledge is useless if not shared.

Fathers serve as guides for their children; my father, and those before him, were strong proponents of Christ and his teachings.
Books.....are a girl's best friend??

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