Humbling Humiliation

So having a bully or bullies in one's life is normal, right? Everyone (with the exception of the British queen and royal family, perhaps) has been mistreated by someone bigger, smarter, prettier, or just superficially better in some way, at least once in their lives.

But what if you keep attracting mischief? What if people are simply drawn to ill treat you? The bible speaks of how ungodly men detest a poor righteous man, and set out to try both his patience and meekness. All because he is abhorent to them, and they want to try GOD's power; they want to see if he is truly a child and GOD will deliver him from their torment (you'd think people would have learnt a thing or two from Christ's example!).

I've had a few of those moments of delivery in my life (not to brag or anything like that). The most memorable, and most humiliating, of said moments was when I was still a child (yep....this post is about another one of my scars). At age 11, a mob of 7th graders set out to issue justice against a 'know it all' 6th grader (i.e. yours truly) conveniently after their final exam paper. It's common practise among children, I suppose, to say....'Yay!! we just got done with school. Now's the time to beat up that annoying smart ass whose just slightly vulnerable than we are together!' The outcome? After a brief chase round the park near our primary school, a strange man responded to my screams just as the mob was closing in.

It was almost baffling (to me at least) how an entire group of children abandoned their plans to harm their peer at the sight of a single adult. Aaaaahhhhh.....naughty children! lol. Anyways, I had my brush with assault, survived on my lonesome (none of my friends heeded my call for help that day) and learnt a valuable lesson; in the face of adversity, put your trust in GOD, and HE will answer.

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