'I'd like to get paid'....please?

As the adage goes, money is the root of all evil. A useful saying that Matilda could have taken heed of. Had she done that, she might have spared herself another unpleasant sit down with foes, Amanda Garvit and Lilith Weether.

Having travelled to Axis and worked there for two weeks, Matilda had earned herself some pay for the extra work. Or so she thought. On a bright, cheery morning, she got the impulse to write to her new boss Jeremy, and human resource representative Lilith, to request they revise her pay. A simple enough email that shouldn't have stirred up any muss or fuss. But it did. No sooner had Matilda sent the email than Lilith forwarded it to her pal, Amanda. And suddenly, the office was filled with whispers and murmurs of little Matilda wanting to up her pay, all the while Amanda sat at the helm of the rumor mongers. What in God's green earth was happening? Weren't all human resource matters confidential? Clearly, Lilith didn't share that sentiment.

Perplexed and infuriated, Matilda decided to escalate the issue by sharing the email with company owner, Paul. Maybe he could drum some sense into Lilith and she'd do her job correctly. It went without saying that Matilda was not shy of being dramatic. But her actions only made matters worse. For the second since she returned from Axis, Lilith and Amanda were at her desk demanding she have a sit down with them.

"We need to have a meeting with you in the boardroom", a contemptuous Amanda informed Matilda.

Meekly, Matilda allowed Amanda to lead her to the large enclosure on the east side of the one storey building, where Lilith was already waiting.

"We've asked you here because you've violated protocol", Lilith began.

"If ever you have a concern or query, you can't just escalate it to the company owner. There is a chain of command and escalating channel to be followed. Do you understand?" she added curtly.

Matilda felt attacked and retorted, "I only copied in Paul because I feel confidentiality is being breached. I don't see why Amanda should be involved in my pay discussion and am asking that the discussion be kept discreet".

Lilith flinched while Amanda burst out, "that's not the point here!! You have no business involving Paul in the matter! he is a director and you report to me! Besides, I already know what your pay is!"

No way. "How??" Matilda asked.

"Jeff told me", she responded.

Convenient, given Jeff wasn't with the company anymore and couldn't support or refute the wench's claim.

"Okay", Matilda responded simply, even as that statement confirmed her suspicion that gossip between the two women went beyond bad outfits and the senior accountant's ford ranger. She refused to buckle down and made no apologies. Instead Matilda looked Lilith in the eye for a verdict.

"I'm sure you've understood our warning on making improper escalations. I've also taken note of your concern for confidentiality. I'll keep your pay discussion as discreet as possible", Lilith said and concluded the faux disciplinary hearing. Matilda was allowed to leave the boardroom, tailed by an infuriated Amanda!

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