I have a dream......

One of the reasons why I love logistics, is that it takes you places. It's a borderless business that unites peoples and cultures from different places. I can't imagine living a different life from that which this profession offers!

So here's my attempt at jumping back onto the band wagon. I've gone ahead and registered a Flossie Clearing and Forwarding Limited and from hereon, this will be my life's mission; to make my mark in the world of clearance. If I am successful like the great Alistair James or Alexander himself, I will conquer.

First things first, I need to get myself to where the action is happening. So how's Chirundu border post for a start? It has a lot of inefficiencies and I'm sure I can add some improvement with a little office for a plethora of clients.

Dear reader, I'll be sure to keep you posted on my movements. All I ask, is that you walk, clear, and dream with me!

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