Lessons from failure

What have I learnt from failing at Alistair?......this afternoon I read on LinkedIn that if I focus on the hurt, I'll continue to suffer. But if I focus on the lesson, I'll continue to grow.

Not only did I lose a job I was good at, loved and was paying well at the time, but I got dumped. Like royally dumped!! Karma's a real bitch I tell you. But it serves me right, I let a hot body entice me into neglecting an honest man. True to what Solomon says....."the bewitching of naughtiness obscures honest things".

So to my readers, here are a few pointers, especially if you're (or once was) a naïve bookworm such as myself. When an older guy gulps down a ton of water in front of you, and practically confesses he want to eat you, it doesn't mean he loves you. The guy just wants to get off. Lol! But should you fall for his naughty behavior and dump your simple, honest and long term beau, don't be surprised if devils take advantage. Once devils violate your spirit and later make war with you, be loving enough to forgive and turn the other cheek (no matter how hard and painful it is my dear!!). Don't make the same mistakes I did, lose your temper and bicker with them at every turn. It's as Bob Marley says, if you get down and argue everyday, you're saying prayers to devils. That's probably my biggest regret......that I failed, yet again, to collaborate with workmates at Alistair. It's a lesson I've had to learn the hard way. No man is an island. It's important to work with people, no matter the resistance.

And last but definitely not least, there's nothing wrong with (or shameful about) being simple. But being simple to the point of spiting your own face, is just plain dumb! Money may be the root of all evil, but it is also a defense. When you get the chance, make tons of it, but do so honestly and through hard work. My fathers have taught, and keep teaching, me that.

Happy Thursday ya'll!!

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