Liar Liar...pants on fire!

Growing up, my mother would 'take to the rod' a lot; my older brother and I got canned even for the smallest of infractions. I couldn't so much as break her china without the fear of being reproached. So you can imagine what she did to us if ever we lied.

But despite my mama's efforts (and I'm sure she meant well), occassionally, just sometimes, I did and have lied. Could be to get out of a fix, or simply cause we all harbour little deviants in us (do recall.....all men have sinned and fallen short of GOD's glory). Like the time a customer dropped some 'pocket change' (lets just imagine it was pocket change and not a wad of actual cash), and I quickly swept it under the counter of a mini mart I worked during my gap year. And that wasn't the worst of my misdeeds in that store. When it's owners weren't looking, I took everything from eclairs to lotions and soaps!......don't judge me!!!

But seriously, I've hardly been dishonest in my life. The truth demands telling, even to my own detriment. The last time I lied was to get my job at Alistair Logistics. After a year and a half of job hunting, it seemed as though there was no end in sight. So when the company came knocking, I did my utmost to present the 'perfect candidate' picture and tripped all over my own damn shoelaces! But as GOD would have it, my infraction was publicized within the organization and used for office tattle. I was no longer wrought with fear or guilt of being ousted; was even ashamed for a time, but all that passed.

So yeah, I suppose the Bible is true. Confessions, confessions, and more confessions are the way to freedom. Truth is liberating!!

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