Lusaka's prime ghetto??

At the turn of the millenium, my family embraced a new locale just as my country did a new government. We moved from the administrative capital, Lusaka, to it's tourist capital, Livingstone; just as my father, in kind, got retrenched (thanks to new reforms of privatisation); and your mallguides blogger grew up a Southern girl!...well, almost. My childhood remains as rooted in Lusaka, as my teen years are in Livingstone. shed more light on myself, I thought to write about where I spend most of my time in Zambia's 'big city'. While political hub, Longacres, is a business home for my family, I'm actually a hood rat! I come from a ghetto called, Chilenje (see market and it's adjacent bus station below);

Probably one of the oldest communities in the city, some might argue on it's stature; say it's no longer squalid but up scale. And while, technically, it is true the area now has some malls (see additional photos below) and more roads (consequently less dust....albeit my house remains stationed along neglected gravel), the area is rooted in simplicity. Those who can't always afford the luxuries a capital city has to offer, can make ends meet with a cheap apartment and readily available transportation (i.e. your buses) in Chilenje.

Also, the area boasts on having a lot (and I mean, a lot) of homestead vendors and kiosks (e.g. that shown below). In their own way, they add to the ambience of the area. Simple or rather ghetto, for me, is home. I always feel slightly out of sorts in suburban areas. Though nice, they just lack a certain Je ne sais quoi!! lol.....

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