Matilda meets Jeremy

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Thanks to a professional tiff the morning of Jeremy Wilde's arrival, with a one Claire Magdalene from the Axian end of the office, Matilda was driven to make the new boss' acquaintance.

"You've been raising incorrect requests in my name", wrote Claire on email.

"Sorry. It wasn't intentional and won't happen again", Matilda replied.

"You're right, it won't! Tell Jeremy to create you your own profile so Kelvin (Expendient's Technology Head) isn't shouting at me instead" Claire wrote back.

Peeved at that exchange, Matilda pushed away from her desk and wound her way to the corner office; to Jeremy Wilde, the new boss with all the authority to get her her own tech profile.

"Hi Jeremy", she spoke ever so sharply, extending her right hand for a greeting. "Matilda Wormwood".

To her surprise, he actually rose from his seat. Taking her hand, he said "Aaaaaahhhh, my guy".

Wait, what??? Did he just mistake her for a dude? Matilda tucked that tidbit to the back of her head, to be digested later.

"So, I need your help with something. I need a profile for tech requests. Claire's complaining about me using hers. I made a few mistakes and she's complaining. Usually I use hers or Dracos to make my tech requests. Jus....just, look at your screen and I'll show you what I mean", she rambled. Her anger getting the better of her.

To his credit, Jeremy Wilde said nothing but humored her. Taking his seat (after he courteously arose to greet her), he made a few clicks on his keyboard. In a few seconds, the list of profiles, under which one could raise requests, or rather tickets, to the Technology department popped up on his screen.


'' and


Little Matilda wanted to be on that list!

"Okay. I'll speak to Kelvin", Jeremy said simply.

"Thank you", she said and left him to his task.

Back home, father John (who over the years had become Matilda's surrogate father) called her bossy. She had a tendency to dictate rather than ask. The next time she approached Jeremy Wilde, or he called her a 'guy' (but seriously, her outfit wasn't that drab!! Sure she could spruce up a little; her hair could use a brush, her face a little more than soap and water, and she could wear anything other than a pair of jeans and sweat shirt once a while, but she was sure she didn't look like a boy!), she'd have to exercise caution. For one thing, Jeremy Wilde was her boss and she couldn't give him instructions. For another, he was easy on the eyes (Matilda would have to be blind, or a liar; she'd have to be a blind liar, not to admit he was hot!) and could only spell trouble; Amanda Garvit already had the new boss in her sights.

If Jeremy Wilde said jump, she'd ask how high, and if the class jock had a get together, Matilda was going to feign illness!

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