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Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Note: this blog post is a letter to a Ms. Elizabeth Jansen (I think that's her full the office she's known simply as Liz). Liz is dear to 'crazyguide'; she gave me both the idea of starting a blog and christened it 'Insanity.......a day by day guide to surviving the office'.

Hi Liz,

How are you and how's work? How's Laura? I hope the drivers are not giving you as much trouble as they usually do.

After we last spoke I took some time to think on how best to document my meeting with Jane A Browne on this site (see picture below) . I'm nervous and rightly so; she's an actual, published author and is famous. Dubbed the next JK Rowling by the public, and Ms. Honey by myself, she writes children's fantasy books. Her debut novel 'Hannah and the Hollow Tree' caught my attention in particular, as I too can boast on having something of a relationship with a hollow, mango tree in my mom's front yard.

JA Browne

I wrote to Jane on how I love to read and write; with a lot of excitement I confessed that her work and that of JK Rowling inspire me to document something of my own; I further went on to request she give me her 'authorial' opinion on my work via blog post ' A walk with Wisdom', and this is what she had to say.

"You have a beautifully crafted expression so if it is your dream to be a writer, then go for it. Write as much as you can every moment you can and read more than Hermoine (a heroine in JK Rowling's Harry Potter books) probably does...." Jane A Browne.

I was astonished!! Jane was not only complementary, but was kind enough to give me writing tips. Concerning 'A Walk with Wisdom', she specifically asked I show the world what was so strange about the 'old' man; which provoked my thoughts. True the man was 'blind' perhaps to all women save for the femme fatale at his right elbow, but I am yet to wrap my head around what his appearance in little AJ's life meant. I underwrote in that blog post by not providing more details on the pair, and Jane advised to find a balance between under and overwriting. She's a real sweetheart!

While I think on some creative way of expounding 'A walk with Wisdom' to my readers (in my next blog post , perhaps), I plan on learning as much as I can from Ms. Browne and her work in the coming months. I'd love to write children's books, but will confess to having nothing but romance and baby making on my mind at the moment. I miss John Luther and am kind of wrought with guilty longing for the man I had before meeting John; a simple, religious, and easy to get along with guy called Francis. I was with this man for 7years Liz; I loved him; but we somehow fell short in passion. Ironically, that came easy with John. I'm loathsome to find another man (after Francis and John, that is) but can't forget or deny feeling attuned to a stranger I met on the bus a few weeks ago. Joined at the hip, he made to remove his wallet from his back pocket and there was no friction between he and I; it was as if we were one. I was incredibly cold that day, but sitting next to him I felt a warmth that almost put me to sleep. It's a shame 'crazyguide' has to phase out because I'm experiencing a bout of crazy.

Anyways, I miss you and occasionally the office as well. I'll be sure to keep you posted on my learning and writing as GOD's blessings (my meeting Jane A Browne, aka Ms. Honey, for example.....I'm assuming you are familiar with the movie 'Matilda') keep coming through.

Matlida (left) and Ms. Honey (right)

Love Always,


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