Matilda's Ms. museses!!! Lol

So after watching and rewatching a video I created yesterday (shown below), I realised I hadn't shared it on my own website; for 'fears best unsaid' (author Seth Godin would probably have something to say about that). The video was used to market my project, Matilda's Ms. Honey on social media, but I neglected to create a blog post on it.

I have to correct all my readers, here's an update on what I've been up to. Besides mopping over spilt milk (i.e. my dads...Mr. Mumba and Mr. James; Adam....Mr. Lulandala Luther; and my dear, dear job.....document/ admin controlling in Logistics), my shinning stars have been guiding me towards new possibilities.

When I lost my previous job, I thought the traditional route (you know....get a masters and hustle for a new job was the way forward. My family certainly thought so.....and I mean both that in flesh and in spirit e.g. spiritual mommy Liz Jansen). But lately, I've had a change of thought and heart. True, I still want an MBA and new job; but instead of an MBA in finance, I'm aspiring to become an altMBA alumni. And recently, I applied for more jobs but yesterday, after partially filing out 'A ShipIt pamphlet' written by Seth Godin and introduced to me by altMBA alumni, Ms. E Sunny McGaw, I got a rush of childhood memories that helped me craft the marketing video. Also, it's now evident, per the alumni and my sweat mentor, Ms. J.A Browne that as an aspiring writer, I need a list of books to read.....everyone in 'class' seems to have one. So below is my meagre, but starting line up, of reading artilery I am using to both further my MBA and writing/ entrepreneurship.

To my readers, I urge you to follow your dreams! They are never too silly or small to pursue. We just have fears, you know; mostly of being rejected. Maybe, perhaps, because it's happened to us before. I'm living proof that daring can pay off. If not in monetary terms (that goal is yet to be realized), then as a way of getting over your losses (i.e. therapeutically)!

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