Matters of the heart

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

It takes courage to love. it's easier to be selfish and keep our heart's under lock and key.

Once a man gave me his heart, for 7years I nurtured this flame and it did grow. I never once thought I'd put it out. But as I came into my womanhood, I was overcome by the desires of my body. Desires this man could not satisfy. So I took all that love (that was freely and carefully handed to me on a silver platter) and cast it aside. What's that saying again? 'Nothing is more treacherous than the human heart!'. Against my better judgement, against instinct perhaps, I yielded to the desires of my heart.

To Francis, I'm sorry I hurt you babe. Given the choice between lying to protect your feelings and telling the truth, I'd pick the truth yet again. I did betray you; I lusted after another man!

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