Modern day Adam and Eve

Updated: May 20, 2021

"But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of a woman is man, and the head of Christ is GOD..." 1st Corinthians ch 11:3

Once upon a time in sorrow, I got down on my knees in my quaint bedroom, in what had once been my father's household, and quoting that verse I told GOD.......{now that Dad's gone, I am without a provider, protector and guide (in essence, without a head). And thinking I was old enough to upgrade from status of daughter to that of wife, I went further to make a vow before our heavenly father. I said, given my predicament I present before you my 'chosen Adam' (i.e. my then boyfriend of 7 years) to whom I will now cling, and who will serve as my new head. I asked God to bless my neatly crafted union and said Amen}.

Its been just over 5 years since I made that prayer and in hindsight, I realize I was giving instructions to GOD....not on purpose of course, It's just the way his little princess is. I was broken when my father died; not once did I think I'd walk this earth without him to rely on and I was lost. So I turned to GOD to reminded HIM of HIS works; in HIS divine wisdom, HE laid man to sleep, drew a rib from his side and fashioned a woman. She was designed to help man fulfil his calling, a calling given by the time of this event (i.e. the making of man and woman), that calling had been 'dominion' over the garden of Eden. Unwittingly and through my prayer, I had appointed myself helper to a man I cared, but lacked respect, for. Understandably, GOD did not honor that union. I am no longer with my avowed Adam....letting him go, was hard but not heartbreaking; simply because GOD had shown me another Adam, someone I was actually submissive to. When my avowed Adam gave me instructions, I did not obey and almost cost him his business. But when this new Adam was humbled, in part due to my stubbornness, I relented and gave him the time and space he needed to do his job; where my avowed Adam's reproach offended me, this new Adam's reproach hurt me; where the pursuits of other women on my avowed Adam merely bothered me, the advances of other women (even the mere thought of them) on this new Adam brought me to tears in the sanctuary of my little bathroom.

I know this post is not quite work related, but I believe I was designed to work alongside an Adam. GOD, HE who is so loving, a good laborer and the work master of all things, knew exactly what I was crying for that solemn day and gently led me down a path I've come to accept and appreciate as my calling! I've discovered treasures at Alistair Logistics and fight to preserve them with GOD's guidance.

Evidently, I am a Christian by religion; but that's just a title.....GOD is not religion but a SPIRITUAL BOND that anyone can forge. If you can relate to this piece, feel free to drop me a note.

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