“Mr. Injustice”

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Before starting this blog, a friend advised me not to broadcast it to all my colleagues…..she thought it wouldn’t be a good idea. In hindsight, I realize she was trying to protect me.

I’m back in office, my blog is set up……oh, and I’ve been firmly humbled! In my previous post aptly titled “Naivety……what was I thinking?” I mentioned how a cartel had emerged to overthrow me from my position; not a very prestigious one, but something modest. You see, prior to taking leave I’d been bumped up to a junior management role….at the time I didn’t have anyone under me, but the premise was that I’d eventually get a team to coach, and help me carry out my expanded duties. That was the plan anyways……it hasn’t quite worked out. Save for my desk, I returned to find my authority usurped by two juniors, courtesy of the head of my department (aka Mr. Injustice).

So why was I sidelined?? I have a theory…….the truth would be nicer, but Mr. Injustice is yet to speak on his actions. My theory is that I had ruffled his feathers a little too much with my irony and uncanny desire to broadcast the truth.

You see, Mr. Injustice and I go way back....to the time when I first joined Alistair Logistics. He was a mentor, he showed me the ropes, and in the beginning even served as a protector. But nothing is permanent in life, save for change. With growth in the organization came change in personnel and opportunities….some left, some came, and others got new roles (e.g. yours truly). Sadly, those were the only clean and positive changes that came with this growth….the rest is sordid. From being allies, Mr. Injustice and I became foes sparked by his raising an 'insubordination case' against me (a slap on the wrist was my penalty), and peaked by my raising an 'abuse of authority case’ against him this week (jury’s still out on this one).

To my readers, If I sound audacious….that’s because I am. Like in Kacey Musgrave’s pageant material “I try to use my common sense, but my foot always ends up in my mouth”. Truth is I had been subjected to months of torment from Mr. Injustice, I was lashing out the only way I could via work email, and his taking away my authority was the last straw; I had had enough and simply wanted him to back off!!

This article gives a brief on the recent happenings in my work life….feel free to share on yours. I’d love to exchange thoughts on the Mr. Injustices in our lives….

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