Naivety......what was I thinking?!

Day 2 of returning to work and I'm already in trouble!!!

The idea of this blog was given to me by a colleague. In conducting my duties (specifically the auditing of my company's prime operating software), I began slipping in a few personal notes in my report.....a little rant here and there to announce the office "bully's activity for the day, and somehow the habit stuck.

I returned to work after the Easter holiday and was so excited to share my blog with the organization, that I completely forgot about how vile the world can be! Firstly, the reception from ALL my colleagues was nothing short of lukewarm! I mean give me a break....a lot of people in my office come back with merchandise from their leave (perfume, kitchenware, sub par underwear, peanut name it); and I try my best to be a team player. Like Everyone, I take a look and if my conscious gives me a nudge, I buy the goods! All I asked from my colleagues was that they take a minute and click on my website........I should have known better. Not only did they abstain from my blog (you'd think I offered them a pie of bubonic plague), but they actively formed a cartel to usurp my current role!!! Today, I cried a little, took a deep breath and dug deep for some spiritual calm.

There were times when I saw my old man down in the dumps and my heart broke; but he always, ALWAYS, soldiered on! I'll draw from his example and do my best to fend off the day's disappointments and low blows. I have a ton of work to bury myself in and when I emerge from the mountain of documents and emails, the sun will be up and so will my spirits.

New Birth

As already mentioned, talking to myself gets a little lonely please drop a comment if able.

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