Updated: Jun 14, 2021

His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I once said, "Every labourer is a father, his labour is his child......" Based on this principle, I can best describe the structure of Alistair Logistics as follows;

At the very head of the organization is its father nicknamed Mr. A; he serves as its creator and provides for a multitude of persons, by assigning tasks to these individuals and rewarding them for fulfilling their duties, or reprimanding them if they fail to do so. In his own right, he is a King to a nation.

His immediate subordinates are what I'd call his 'counsel of elders'; individuals I imagine were with him at the start of the organization, at the very least. This level is then followed by two polarizing factions I will label 'children' and 'rebels' . While both factions serve the organization, their methods vary drastically. To illustrate this difference, I will reference Jesus' parable of the two sons. When called to serve in their father's vineyard....the first son consented, went away, but did not live up to his word; the second son refused his father's request, went away, but later changed his mind and worked the vineyard. Mr. A's children are like the second son in that they actually help him in preserving the wellbeing of his 'child' (i.e. the organization); while his rebels are like the first son in that they deceive him and pretend to work for the wellbeing of the organization.

Now, how does one distinguish Mr. A's children from his rebels? As the adage goes......"proof is in the pudding". The most apparent trait is the quality of work each person puts out. I mean every employee has to put in some effort to get paid.....the difference is some spend more time at their desks working, and less in the cafeteria passing the day's minutes (sometimes hours) over coffee and idle chit chat.

The result? a well organized and thoroughly cultivated vineyard from the children; and a haphazard and shoddy vineyard from the rebels.

This is not to say the rebels are of no value to Mr. A. The rebels compliment the children; yin and yang. There wouldn't be need for light without darkness; the truth would serve no purpose if not for lies. How else can Mr. A identify his children, if not for the blatant actions of his rebels which makes them stand out (note...these are proud bullshiters)! The important thing, in my opinion, is for a balance to be struck between these 2 factions. Once this is attained, the organogram would be balanced as well, to the benefit of Mr. A's 'child'.

As you can tell, this organogram is generic and could apply to your organization as well. please feel free to like and/ or comment on this post if practical. I return to office in a few days time and can't wait to dish on what transpires around me!

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