An unexpected, and very new, career

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Like most people, my father blessed my brothers and I with the best education he could afford; in the hopes we'd some day graduate, get jobs and stop feeding off him.

At age 23, I did as my old man hoped and joined one of the country's leading audit firms......for like three months (talk about working on probation). I then moved onto, what I thought would be a prosperous banking career, in a corporate and investment bank. After three years of painfully stock taking the wealth of others; and failing to kiss any ass to buy a promotion, I quit my job (yeah....real bright idea that was! but how else does one learn the dangers of fire till they've played with it and gotten burnt).

The failures that came with that decision gave me some wisdom about myself and the world I live in! I spent over a year and half on the streets, searching for a new job; it was nothing short of difficult and humbling; I prayed daily and waited upon my father in heaven. Finally, an answer came with a call to serve in logistics.

I'm still growing and making mistakes, but wouldn't change a thing about the events that led me to Alistair Logistics. At my current job, my agility and astute mind are put to good use every day, and I love every bit of it. It's made fighting ALL the obstacles (and boy....are they MANY) worthwhile! I've found my passion in logistics and my demented alter ego has awakened!!

I'd love to hear about your careers; so don't be coy and share! I think we've all fallen a few times (or are still falling) on our journey to that one job that speaks to our strengths!

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