Part 2....Girl meets Boy

Oppression and my battle against it, seems to be a persistent theme in my life. From as early as primary school to my first job, I've always had someone eager to ill treat me. And I'm not shy to say 'ouch'.

That hasn't worked out so well thus far, but I'm still lamenting. It's just not fair, you know! Why should the tall, fat kid get away with intimidating me? Or that supervisor make my off days all about her?? So yeah.....I suppose I've always had a penchant for disregarding artificial authority, especially if unjust.

Recently, I got a tool (i.e. this blog) that allows me to vent about all the unfair treatment this world has to offer. But like I alluded earlier, lamenting hasn't quite paid off as the blog isn't making me any money. Which is all so terrible cause I'm no longer a child (I'm pushing thirty) and can't keep living off of mom. At some point I have to start paying my own bills. Yep....I'll admit it; it's taken me a while, but I've finally hit puberty! Now I just have to cross that bridge from insecure, whinny 'adolescent' to 'adult' (please bear with me ya'll....some people just take time to grow). And I'm hoping you, my readers, will help me. My blogging is for people to consume (and by that I mean enjoy) after all.

In that vein, allow me to introduce to you part two of Matilda's Ms. Honey, tagged 'Girl meets Boy'. For you who've taken interest in the series/ story, you might want to know that it's loosely based on my time at Alistair Logistics (Alistair). I embellish a little, here and there, but the tales are mostly true. Being at Alistair was a coming of age period for me. I'd lost dad, my relationship with my long time boyfriend was in the balance and thanks to work, I had to move away from home.

Anyways, starting next week Wednesday, I'll be sharing stories of how little Matilda meets her love interest and of the consequent events thereafter. Hope you enjoy them and Sawa Sana for the usual support!!

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