Step two.....hiding in plain sight.

There were many oddities to a town, nuances that made each one unique. If Matilda could send a postcard of Bethel to Ms. Honey, it would look something like this;

Everyone got up early on weekdays, everyone who had a job that is, to get on a bus. From 05:30AM to 08:00AM, doctors, nurses, miners, truck drivers and not forgetting your book keepers, filled the streets to head to the 'office'. Bethel was a small town with old buildings......well, and a few new ones; the one mall in the borough had a little book store Matilda loved. There were old roads with no dearth of potholes; plenty of red sand the locals used to make huts; and many, many bushes. Unlike Livingston, there weren't a lot of farms, and shop and inn keepers were few. But like Livingston, Matilda could walk from home to the market for her daily bread. Father John would probably think Bethel a village, but he was a snob with a healthy sized ego. He would also, probably, find its locals' faith and religion wanting; folks here just didn't quite appreciate a good sermon or parable. People came and went in Bethel, leaving nothing but their memories behind; memories some adopted to make a new sort of life.

It had taken Matilda ten months, but she finally made a friend. His name was Paul. Everyone adored Paul, he was rich and handsome, they said. Never mind that he had a 'slight' temper, bald spot and receding hairline. And like Matilda, Paul had gnarled fingers......well, sometimes. Paul loved to work! He was very, very smart and would at times spar with Matilda. While embarrassing, Paul was also protective of Matlida. When away from the office, the bad boys and girls didn't behave; Expedient's mice loved to pull hair, gossip, slander, and kick others when down. The poor wretches were in need of some christian charity; the kind Livingston flock gave forgotten souls, but denied unrepentant swines.

Being in Bethel made Matilda ponder a little bit more on the good Lord's miracles.....raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out devils and what not. Bethel was full of mischief; there were rumours of ghost buildings where the lost lay, and Matilda was sure she walked and worked with a few. But that was a story for another day, time and place. All things considered, the ghost town was rather mystically archaic; which was just fine with Matilda!!

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