Pick up lines?

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Matilda had to duck underneath the wooden desk to unplug her laptop charger. As she crouched beneath the surface, she glanced at Mr. Croppet - Expedient's toiler safety officer -'s canvas. They were a little old and worn, but then again, so was their owner. Which was probably why he worked such long hours and left the office late. Removing the cable head from it's socket, Matilda carefully retracted herself; her meandering movements making little to no noise in the near empty office

Once on her seat, she took a quick look at her emails, to see if any new documents had been received; perhaps she could edge in one last pre-alert before the sun's rays bid farewell. "a young lady should never walk home in the dark", Ms. Honey often cautioned, and Matilda almost expected to hear. But instead, the words "how are you?" in her mother tongue came from some place behind her. Surprised, she looked up only to find Jeremy Wilde, his eyes fixed on her, walking past the desk. A small flutter settled in her tummy and she smiled awkwardly. "What was that all about?" she thought.

But butterflies were just that; small, fleeting, happy emotions, that disappeared as quickly as they came. Especially when the new and handsome boy in the office had a pursuer. Like Mr. Croppet sitting across Matilda, the few remaining staff members were quite busy tapping away at their computers. All but Amanda Garvitt, who was unusually about and lurking around Jeremy. Quietly and covertly, Matilda watched as Amanda followed Jeremy to the staff cafeteria. She didn't enter the room, however. As if prevented by a forbidding force she stood in the doorway and whispered, "Jeremy"; loud enough for spectators, a reluctant Matilda included, to hear but trailed off leaving onlookers in suspense.Matilda looked away, her butterflies crushed. What type of person amused a woman such as Amanda? Best to steer clear of them both she surmised, and would have stuck to her thoughts if not for Amanda's pride.

"I'm taking the rest of the week off", Amanda announced on mail the next day. "Bolgg will cover for me while I'm away" she wrote.

Something had gone wrong. Why was Amanda going away? Had Jeremy not welcomed her proposition? All the scandal little Matilda could think of, churned through her mind at the announcement. But that all came to dead halt when she crossed paths with Amanda at lunch break, and a look of loathing was evident in her eyes.

Amanda's ego was wounded. She'd tried to pick up the new, handsome boy and he'd turned her down. She was embarrassed but fleeing to mask her shame. And she placed all her misfortune at Matilda's feet.

Episode's podcast: https://anchor.fm/malama7/episodes/Pick-up-lines-e19s97m/Pick-up-lines-a6rh5l3

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