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Updated: Jul 23, 2021

How does one get over the loss of a loved one? A new habit? or a new home, perhaps? Something or someplace new to help ease or forget the pain. Before my inopportune dismissal at Alistair Group, Mr. John Luther (a.k.a my Adam) remarked on how I needed a 'healing process' to improve my performance. I didn't think much of his statement at the time, but yesterday I had an epiphany.

To all my readers, i'd love to introduce a little gem......Rachel Malama Mumba (see pictures below); the beginning of my family's next generation. She was named after two favorite daughters in my family; the youngest of my mom's siblings, my late aunt Rachel; and myself, the only girl of four siblings. Since her birth (some time this year...I can't recall the exact month), I've had the privilege of meeting and holding her three times; yesterday's meeting was the third and first time she's 'settled' in my arms!!....I thought I knew what relief was till then, I was terribly mistaken!

A lover at heart, I've always wanted a child of my own; being my older brother's first child and per African custom, Rachel Malama is as good as my little girl. Finally, I cuddled her in my arms, she didn't flintch or cry, and a sharp pain in my chest just 'whooshed' away. I was whole!

True, dad's gone and I'll always miss him; but God in his loving mercies has ensured his spirit and line continue through my brothers and I!! Adam was right, I did need healing; holding and rocking baby Malama for a few precious minutes yesterday was cathartic!! God willing, I'll have many, many more warm moments with Rachel Malama! She's adorable...no?? Ignoring her startled look (I think the camera light spooked her a bit), feel free to bless her with loving comments...

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