Soft skills.....

If interested; see this video (307) How and When to Disrupt Your Career, and Yourself (Quick Study) - YouTube

At the tail end of my career at Alistair Logistics, I got a mentor. Today, after watching the youtube video above, I realised that the purpose of that mentor was to help me let go of my old job. I just couldn't see that at the time. I'd gotten so good at what I was doing that I became comfortable. The work wasn't a challenge anymore, I got bored and that made time for 'some unproductive drama'. Lol.

A few months down the line (or is it a year already?), and I think I'm ready for a new sort of role in logistics. Problem is, I have no idea how I'm going to bridge the gap between being a document specialist to something new.......let alone, if I'll succeed.

In other words, I'm hoping to start a new chapter. One where I'll do better at working with colleague. Not be the cheeky, little know-it-all that everyone loves to hate. Lol....but someone who can successfully collaborate. Someone with soft skills!

TGIF everyone!!

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