Step three......baring one's teeth

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Paul was back in the office and he was being a sour puss. From quizzing his hired hands on their activities, to insisting they use Expedient's primary operating software, Smartsheets, to do their jobs, and pacing about the office ever so often like a gloomy proctor, he was setting everyone on edge, Matilda included. If Paul walked up to her desk,one more time, she was at risk of telling him to bugger off. Never mind that he was her boss and company owner.

But just before lunch break, Jeff, Draco and herself were called into Paul's office for a formal inquest. Apparently, Bagata mine was unhappy; unhappy about their shipments being cleared haphazardly. No shit!! Matilda thought to herself. "Do you know the 'Gong show'?" Paul asked with a look of disgust on his face. Never heard of it, Matilda thought. It was probably as old a relic as he was, she smiled inwardly, but refrained from voicing her thoughts. "No", came Jeff politely on their behalf. Draco seemed comfortable staying silent and taking the back seat, Matilda was no wiser. "Bagata pre-alerts have a lot of inconsistencies. Documents that shouldn't be there, are somehow finding themselves in the final email. If you were all on the show, the gong would definately go off!" This time, Matilda spared Jeff the trouble of responding, "Our system has a problem!", she proclaimed as calmly and respectfully as she could, given the man had just insulted her work. "As it stands, I am uploading individual pre-clearance documents; for example, an invoice, driver passport, packing list and manifest per shipment, for our internal audit team to then review, and send out or veto. Should they send out the documents, the system should automatically, and ideally, merge the single files into one. But this isn't the case; most times, the final merged file

is either incomplete or contains irrelevant documents. I have to monitor each pre-alert email for mishaps and advise or correct our clearing agents if the system fails". That seemed to appease Paul.....a little."Alright. is Kelvin aware of the problem? and why hasn't the audit team flagged the issue?" This time Jeff interjected, "tickets to the IT department have already been raised. Kelvin and Servine are working on a fix". Paul nodded briefly as if accepting the explanation, but the fury on his face was still evident, "they have until tomorrow's tech call to find a solution". He then looked Jeff dead in the eyes and added, "make sure it's done!". With that curt dismisal, they were allowed to leave Paul's office; a momentous task on their hands.

At the sight of their somber faces, Amanda Garvit laughed and took a minute to savor their distress. "Mmmmmhhh, Jeff, you always succeed in doing things correctly, what's happened today? Why's Paul shouting at you?" she goaded in the full view of the entire office as 'the pitbull' rushed past her. "I don't know what you are talking about", was Jeff's crude response as he made his way to his desk. It was said, or perhaps believed that nasty little things such as Amanda Garvit always got their comeuppance, and Jeff, 'the pitbull', Flint couldn't wait for his administrator to get hers!

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