Step four.....embodying envy!

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Shape shifting was an art, just like war. And no one in the office seemed to perfect it quite like Draco Hide. Matilda noticed how people, with the exception of a select few such a Paul, tip toed around him with a measure of caution. He was literally treated like a ticking time bomb!

Which was interesting given he was inclined to wrong doing; If Ms. Honey was given an opinion on the matter, Matilda was sure she'd recommend a decent punishment for Draco's behaviour. When Paul gave instructions, Draco violated them, just to then pass off a meek performance of repentance when confronted. But his actions garnered no shame, because he went right back to doing what was wrong, and some how, got away with it. Perhaps it was because he worked hard. Just like Matilda, he showed up at the office and put in as much effort as she did, so it seemed.

Draco was very good at mirroring the actions of others, if lauded, that is. He'd also taught Matilda how to do her job. He wasn't stingy with information as her high school classmates had been; he shared freely. But perhaps that was for selfish reasons; because trouble always stirred when or if others took notice of her work. And Draco wasn't alone, most fellas at the office begrudged Matilda her success; like Amanda Garvit. But unlike Amanda, Draco was very good at hiding his envy, only in rare instances was it apparent.

Matilda first took notice of Draco's true nature the first week of December. Presented with a nice red bow , like an early christmas present, was the announcement that Jeff 'the pitbull' Flinnt had been promoted to head group operations!! The announcement was made by my Opal from Human Resources. Via tele-conference he enunciated all the pitbull's achievements to 'aaaahhhs', 'oooohhhh's', 'whistles' and all kinds of remarks, which were quickly followed by well wishes. "Congratulations Jeff!" "Cheerio!" "Chin Chin!" "God speed!" and more colloquial salutes of "Poa Boss!" were made across the office. But Draco's response was a confounded look, accompanied by a silly smile. That was on Monday. By Friday, that very week, shocking news of Jeff's resignation had come in, much to Draco's very visible delight. While remarking on the absurdity of having a group head of operations, he rushed to the corner seat of the office, previously occupied by 'the Pitbull'.

Matilda was sad to see Jeff go, he was one of the few infamous people who'd taken notice of how hard she worked. And why he'd passed up what appeared to be a great opportunity, was puzzling. Was he fleeing from or afraid of, something or someone?? She'd be sure to share that whit of gossip with Ms. Honey in her next postcard; along with the news that she was set to travel to the great city of Axis, but with Draco (the wrong doer) and a man she was yet to meet. His name was Jeremy, a young Axian in Paul's ward.

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