Step one.....sowing bitterness!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

"Everything has a system we use. If you need to know the clearing agents at each border post, you can ask Draco or check the job confirmation", Jeff 'the pitbull' Flinnt looked up from his screen at little Matilda.

"But Bagata mine also haven't specified what documents they need as proof of delivery", she added, already onto the next agenda. "Speak to Draco. He's allowed to talk to our clients and can ask them what they need". "Noted. Thank you", little Matilda chirped, rolled up her sleeves and hopped off to the planner's desk. Jeff watched her spend only a few minutes at Draco's side before taking her seat opposite him. That was one less person he had to stay on top of. With Paul heading up to meet the chamber of mines, the last thing he needed was Bagata whining about delayed shipments; 6,000 tons of sulphur to be bagged and shipped from Devon's bay to the mine in a month. All he had to do was make sure there were no muck ups, and Expedient would bag its biggest client yet.

"Jeff. We need to conclude on the revised transit times". Jesus! Not this again. 'the pitbull' momentarily closed his eyes and pictured his forehead bashing the desk top. But gained composure just as Amanda Garvit arrived at his side. Her intent? to torment him for being courteous to Matilda. Her method? More hogwash on transit times. "I thought we discussed that already?" Jeff had to look past exposed thighs and breasts decked out in a green, tight dress to a bitter face. "I know", Amanda tried smiling and failed. The anguish she was in, a little too intense to hide, he supposed. "It's just that the fleet managers aren't getting good scores due to late clearance". No kidding! "How so?" he asked facetiously. "Well, I spoke to Bolgg earlier and he told me trucks moving from Devon's bay in Kuash to The Goldbelt are now taking more than twenty five days to deliver cargo. Five more days, on average, to be specific". Interesting, Jeff thought. "This will affect their bonuses and they are worried". Really interesting. "Can you share a report with me? you know, one that backs your and Bolgg's observation". Not surprising, his administrator winced at the thought of doing actual work. "It's just something we've noticed. Matilda thinks she's doing a good job, but she's obviously not. I don't think she can handle pre-clearance for the entire group". Jeff felt his temper rise. "Okay. Prepare a draft of the revised transit times and I'll look them over". "Thank you!" Amanda finally managed that smile. "Oh, and we also need someone to properly file and catalogue the asset register before the audit next week. I'll speak to Matilda and have her do it", she was bold enough to add, and Jeff got some feeling of her bitterness. Was there any way he could reason with a lazy and jealous woman? Incapable of speech, he simply gave her a nod. Appeased, she sauntered away, sashaying her hips as she did, to impress them and her behind on Jeff, before gingerly taking her seat next to Matilda.

Perched amidst Draco Hide and Amanda Garvit, his bookkeeper looked evermore the naive teenybopper that she was. Jeff had to get her away from them, and fast! If not for her own safety, then for the success of the Bagata shipments, at the very least.

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