Sullen Goodbye

Updated: Jan 20

Matilda was nearing the end of her visit in Axis, and Paul was being irritable while Jeremy was no less grumpy. Apparently, it had something to do with a recent Sulphur shipment going awry. The documentation used in the shipments was flawed.

So for the second time since Paul's arrival, Matilda was summoned into the boardroom on Thursday morning. Only this time, she wasn't with Paul and Draco in the space. Accompanying them was Jeremy and two other men that Matilda later learnt labored at the company's warehouse. She stood at one end of the boardroom table, in between Draco and Jeremy, while Paul sat at the other end with the two men beside him.

"You put wrong weights on the documents" he sneered at her.

Matilda took affront. She worked with what was provided by the warehouse and had little control over their procedures.

"I work with the weights on the movement sheets. That's what I'm given by the guys who load the cargo", she responded.

Matilda didn't mean to shift blame, she was simply stating the truth. Had the guys at the loading dock done their job correctly and weighed the Sulphur before dispatching the trucks, there wouldn't be a problem. Matilda was not to blame for this recent muck up, and she expressed as much to Jeremy later on as they sat at the return desk.

"How is it my problem if people at the warehouse are too lazy to do their job correctly?" she sulked.

But Jeremy was having none of her fit.

"Who said it was your fault?" he retorted simply, leaving Matilda a little embarrassed for playing the victim. She dropped the subject and tried to flirt with him a little. She was leaving and didn't want to part with him on sour terms. Tugging at his chair lightly to get his attention, she teased, "Jeremy you never payed me a visit at the inn".

He looked over his shoulder, with a condescending look and said, "the area!"

Ouch! that was unkind. True the inn was situated in a shabby neighborhood but that was no reason to belittle it. Of course she understood why he said what he had, and she laughed at his comment.

"Jeremy you're a snob", she teased once more.

But that was as far as she could go to console him. The truth was, he'd made several passes at her and she'd turned him down. On Friday she'd be leaving for Bethel, and later Livingston as her internship was coming to an end. She and Jeremy had no chance for a future. She understood that and hoped he'd see the same logic too. Friday came, but Jeremy was nothing short of sullen. Mid morning she was in the boardroom, yet again, with Paul to get debriefed and bid him farewell. Their flight was scheduled for half past noon. Jeremy was also in the room but he barely looked her way.

After their meeting with Paul, she went back to her desk to collect her bags and expected Jeremy to give her a proper farewell. To her disappointment, he only gave her his back, got on a phone call and walked outside to take it. Surely this wasn't how he intended to part ways with her? But that's exactly what he did, and Matilda got into the minivan waiting to ferry her and Draco to the airport, without saying goodbye to Jeremy.

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