'Unemployed'......Mr. Injustice part 3

After months of working under tyranny, venting via work email, consequent drama and trial; yesterday Alistair Logistics through the Group's Head of Operations (HoO) decided to fire me, with a modicum of respect by giving me the option to resign; yeah......cause holding a gun to someone's head and telling them to leave can be deemed 'voluntary'.

According to the HoO, an email I recently sent out to the organisation announcing I was taking a week's leave from work, as well as congratulating a hunk of a man (aka what I thought was my Adam) on his upcoming nuptials was the last straw. As I sat in his office with the Head of Human Resources bearing witness, the HoO enunciated how the organization had tried its best to accommodate me, but that I was simply unruly and unsuitable for the company. No mention of the fact that I was bullied and denied due compensation/ recognition for my hard work was made. I tried, I really tried, to get angry, but all I felt in that moment were irritation and relief. It dawned on me that I was free albeit at a price (i.e. my job); I wouldn't have to spend another moment dreading the office, i.e. the bullying, the gossip, the politics and all other vices that come with corruption. True I was technically out on the streets and for a time it would get rough minus a consistent stream of money, but I'd get by (been here before). The actual waste lay in losing a father in spirit (a.k.a Mr. A; I liked the man and his work ethic), Adam (a tad spiteful but he was the only man who sparked my desire...if you catch my meaning); and the work (not to be modest.....but I slayed at my job). And just like all losses, these recent ones would only sink in after months, perhaps even years, when their absence in my day to day live took effect.

I did find treasures at Alistair Logistics. I also found growth borne from hard earned lessons. My ex-boyfriend once told me I was spoilt; he also wished me well as I broke his heart; he taught me how to love and it's because of his example that I am unable to curse the company and its staff (bullies and all) as they cast me out. When all is said and done, at Alistair I was allowed to express myself, I loved there (perhaps a little too much) and I lost; such is life.

War is destruction; and to everyone reading this post, I hope you learn from my experience and only take up arms as a last resort. Always seek peaceful means to resolving differences, and owe no one nothing by carrying out your duties worthily and giving it your ALL!! Next steps for me is to move back home under mom's care (you cannot begin to imagine the embarrassment; 29 years, with no husband or means of making a living, yet again). On the plus side, I now have the time to develop (renovating included) this blog; who knows, it could just turn into gold and become my new purpose/ love. Please stick around and/ or subscribe......it's not overstating it, when I say I NEED YOU ALL.

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